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Summary Box is here to save you time and effort.
Summarizes in its own words
Summary Box uses true state-of-the-art AI, which is capable of abstractive summaries. That is, the AI is able to understand information and write summaries in its own words. All it takes is one click to summarize an article.
Abstractive Summaries
Summaries are written in the AI's own words. Our AI forms true understanding of information and writes in a way that is easy to comprehend.
Automatic article detection
Summary Box is able to detect when you are viewing an article and will display a button on the side of the window when the word count is high enough to give you the option to summarize. This makes it easier to know when it is worthwhile to summarize a piece of content.
Time saved tracker
With a premium subscription, users also get access to a time-saved tracker, which keeps track of the articles you've summarized and can tell you how much reading time you've saved.
Summary length slider
Choose the length of your summary, whether you want a longer summary that covers all the key points of the article or a shorter summary that just gives you the main idea.
Bookmarking allows you to save your summaries for later reference, where you can view them in our web dashboard.
Test Questions
Use the 'Test Questions' feature to generate thought-provoking questions based on the content of the article to help you better understand and retain the information.
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