Google’s Project Soli: the tech behind Pixel 4’s Motion Sense radar

By now, you've heard: the new Google Pixel 4 has a tiny radar chip inside it, which allows you to swipe or wave your hand to do a few things.

Luckily, Google isn't claiming quite so much for Motion Sense, but it does have a similar problem.

Motion Sense has essentially three types of interactions, according to Brandon Barbello, Pixel product manager at Google.

Understanding why each of them matters to the overall experience of using a Pixel 4 is key to understanding why Google thinks Motion Sense is more than the sum of its features - more than just a gimmick.

The Project Soli radar chip inside the Pixel 4 creates a small bubble of awareness around the phone when it's sitting on a table.

Instantiated as Motion Sense on the Pixel 4, is much more limited to start.

Mainly Google is limiting what Motion Sense can do because it is creating an entirely new interaction language, and it needs to limit the vocabulary at the beginning.

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