The Pyramid of Remote Team Communication Tools – Doist

You'll learn how we've chosen the tools that make up our remote communication ecosystem and exactly how we use each to build a productive and transparent team culture.

The concept is simple enough, but async communication impacts everything we do as a remote team.

To get feedback from my teammates on a new blog post draft, I would create a new thread inside the #Blog channel and name it something like "Draft Feedback - Pyramid of Remote Team Communication".

Remote teams run on written communication, but there's no substitute for the team bonding that happens when you meet in-person.

Asynchronous communication as the default works 99% of the time, but when you're experiencing a major disruption in service the team needs to be able to act quickly.

That's why our support team is connected with our development team via Telegram, a third-party encrypted messaging service.

Whether you work with a fully distributed team or simply have a workplace where people often work from home, we hope this article gave you ideas for how to make remote collaboration work for your team.

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