HTC stopped innovating on smartphones, new CEO admits

The contrast of the two companies couldn't be more stark.

In 2011, the company comprised around 11 percent of global smartphone sales, per analyst figures.

Speaking to Maitres at an event such as this offers a rare opportunity for insight from a newly minted exec who has spent years watching his new company from the outside.

"HTC has stopped innovating in the hardware of the smartphone," he told the audience.

Contrary to suggestions that the company's best play is in developing nations, he says HTC's play going forward will be more premium handset focused on "Countries with higher GDP.".

"We're all having a situation where worldwide marketshare is going down and the customer is disappointed in not being to have the latest Huawei phone anymore. How to give our customers the ability to come back to what they wish, in terms of best in class hardware and photography that HTC to will to solve in the next few months."

While figures will largely be dependent on decisions Brough to HTC's board, Maitres maintains optimistic projections when it comes to returning the company profitability.

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