Amazon’s September hardware: what to expect - The Verge

Amazon is hosting an event in Seattle on Wednesday, September 25th, where it is expected to announce new hardware and possibly new services.

The company held a similar event last September where it unleashed over 70 announcements and many new products across its Echo and Fire TV product lines.

It's hard to say whether the company will do the same thing this year, as Amazon has managed to be the only tech company to keep its products from leaking ahead of their formal announcements.

Likely stuff: new Echo devices, Ring products Last year, Amazon refreshed the Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Show at its September event.

Amazon recently announced a new "Lossless" tier for its music streaming service that provides a higher-quality stream with better-sounding music.

Amazon could announce an expansion of its Prime Video service, maybe even with new content or channels, since Apple and Disney will both be releasing their own streaming services this fall.

Don't expect it: new Kindle devices One thing Amazon has been consistent with is keeping its Echo and Fire device announcements separate from its Kindle announcements, and we see no reason for that to change this time around.

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